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holistic services

yoga therapy 

Rather than focusing on yoga methods and practices, yoga therapists fundamentally focus on their clients’ needs. Their job is to understand why their clients have come to see them and determine what they can do to support them. To help them in their work, therapists are trained to assess clients through listening, questioning, observing, and appropriately touching. Therapists look for ways to help their clients reduce or manage their symptoms, improve their function, and help them with their attitude in relation to their health conditions. After assessing clients, therapists establish appropriate goals, develop a practice intervention, and then teach clients to practice that intervention. In this sense, therapists choose yoga techniques in relation to how they will specifically benefit individual clients.

thai yoga massage

A Thai Yoga Massage stimulates pressure points to open the body's energy pathways and allows the body to heal. It's a more active type of massage with different yoga poses which allow for a deeper stretch. This technique differs from a traditional massage but has many benefits to help heal your body. Students remain fully clothed and often this practice is done in a floor on the mat.

reiki infused sound healing 

Transform through sound, vibration and Reiki healing energy while laying on a massage table.
Experience a shamanic influenced soundscape of ethereal Angelic tones, gongs, Tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes, bells, harmonium, and voice to soothe the body, mind and spirit. Bowls are played both on the body and surrounding it with vibration.
Reiki Energy Healing is given throughout the session