love yoga:


our movement teachers

Paula Labonte, Owner 
Her classes focus on sensing the energy of the room, and cultivating a deep connection between body, mind, and breath in order to deepen practices and mindfulness. She is equal parts crazy-artist-energy-healer and down-to-earth, heart on her sleeve, mom of three. She encourages everyone to find the practice that is right for them in order to realize their own path to self-discovery and personal transformation. 

Her mission is to make the practice and benefits of yoga easy, affordable, and accessible to anyone who wishes to practice. Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus many years ago she believes that yoga offers a wealth of benefits that everyone should have a chance to explore and to be the best they can be even through their physical limitations. 

When not on the mat, you can find her laughing with her three children, in an art studio creating, riding or hiking with her dog. 

To reach Paula, the Creative Director, for more information on her classes: or to book a private session:
613-361-7490 or p[email protected]

Farhana Meghji

The soothing voice and comforting confidence of long time yoga teacher Farhana may be enough to zen you out but she leads you through an impressive class too. Farhana can be found teaching Restorative and flow classes on the regular. She's the epitome of chill and cool and you'll get lost in her class and end up melted on your mat after savasana!  We're so blessed to have her.

Devon Lowe

Devon trained at Rama Lotus Yoga in Ottawa which is well known for it's incredible instruction and attention to detail. Her teaching style is chill, easy to follow and fun to do. Her practice is crazy strong and desire to help students is visible is every class, you'll fall in love with her.  She's got a great playlist too!

Kristi Poirier 

Oh Kristi! We loved her so much as a student we begged her to teach. Her signature style is simply fun, her energy is wild and her encouragements are loud. You can find her running around the studio, jumping and skipping whenever possible and you always know when she's entered the room. This mom of one is a kid at heart forever. 

Muriel Cryderman

A long time practitioner of love yoga, Muriel made the jump to the Bahamas for an intensive training in Sivananda and hasn't looked back since. We love her traditional take on this style and are pleased to have her in the family. 

Sherry Laponsee

Sherry knows the body, knows her practice and teaches one amazingly powerful class. With training from Prana Shanti, and additional focuses on chanting, yin yoga and years of massage therapy experience, you don't want to miss what she will put together for your enjoyment. 

Rosanne Fortier 

Rosanne has studied many different modalities in energy and spiritual healing from reiki to shamanism to meditation and many in between. We welcome her to guide us on meditations and offer incredible holistic healing sessions.